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How business apps helps you in increasing your productivity

How business apps helps you in increasing your productivity

iPhone 6 Placewell RetailTo make best use of iPhone-6 you may use profitably a variety of external apps although the Apple’s own specialized apps are available in the market for business purposes. These apps will help you in well organizing your tasks for your business needs. This would help you in managing your professional calendar, your dictate voice memos, iTunes.

   There are certain business tools which will serve well in managing your daily tasks.

Genius scan: These apps will help you in keeping records of various receipts, business cards and other related documents. It would take care of your related papers until you return to your office. The apps with the help of iPhone-6 camera help in scanning short documents. These then can be sent through E-mail.

Dragon dictation: This apps has the capability to convert your voice memos into text. It is useful in preparing e-mails fast, text messages and also it is able to update your profiles in Facebook and Twitter accounts. The apps is able to recognise maximum words but for that you have to speak with less speed and pronounce them properly.

Drop box: is a well known site for the purpose of online storage and file synchronization. It can be downloaded to serve your professional and business needs. This app provides free online storage of 2GB and the ability to synchronize documents between computers and its application devices.

Bento: Bento will help you in organizing your professional and business needs including personal life. Various templates used by these apps can by regularly used by you. They include due dates, priorities and other items. These templates can also be used for organizing projects,inventory and expenses. With an efficient interface it helps you to communicate very efficiently with your subordinates.

Evernote : This apps serve well the persons whose essential part of professional need is taking notes. For this purpose just you have to do is to check out Evernote. This tool wills l make your organizing system and challenges of note taking interesting like a game. If these apps is attached to powerful tools for example audios, photos  and location datas, it works wonders. Even more, If you add automatic web synchronizing activity to your devices the net   result is a powerful tool which helps you a lot.

Voice brief: For busy professional persons Voice brief is a latest apps in the field o f computer world which has the capability to voice process a text. In this way it will help you in reading to you the latest news, weather forecasts, and stock market swings and a lot more concerning your daily life.          


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