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HP Laptop Dealers in Siliguri - Placewell Retail

The company HP, is an American manufacturer of software and computer services and was founded in the year 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard. In the year 2009 Hp was known to be one of the world’s most used technological brands. HP is best known for its line of LaserJet and Deskjet Printers. Producing almost 10,000 different products ranging from all electronic devices to the computer systems it is now the second largest company in the world.

HP Laptop Dealers in Siliguri HP Laptop Dealers in Siliguri

The company HP has a wide range of laptops and keeping the customers in mind it offers laptops in various price ranges. The company strikes a good balance in the price and the performance of the laptops. The latest HP laptops have totally stepped up the game in the market. HP has a great reputation of being dependable, steadfast and a well founded company and with the last few launches it has proven to be so. The HP laptops have great durability, good display and also the main thing, the maintenance and the performance of the laptops have been great.

HP offers you a wide range of business laptops which have both power and style combined. Laptops like the ProBook and the EliteBook are one of the most secure business laptops that the company has produced, its business security level helps keep important information safe. UltraBooks are also one of the best laptops in this category, the HP Envy 13,Hp Spectre , Z Book as well as ChromeBook  also work really well .The laptops in this series start from Rs20, 000 and it ranges up to Rs 50,000 and above.

HP Laptop Dealers in Siliguri

In the gaming series, there are laptops that the company offers that perform exceptionally well. In this range, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 860 M in Omen, HP Pavilion Gaming- 15 laptops are no doubt one of the best. The screen size of the laptops in this series are big enough which will give you an enriching gaming and a video-viewing experience. One thing in these laptops is that it has a  very good memory and packs a very powerful processor which makes sure that you do not have any problem whatsoever while using these  laptops , and these laptops are not only amazing for gaming purposes but also really good for your day to day use as well. The latops start from the range of Rs 40,000 and above and it can go up to Rs 60, 000 and above. The best in this range as mentioned before are the laptops from the Omen and the Pavilion series which are priced at around Rs 50,000 and above.  

The 2-in -1 laptops are also very impressive. The laptops come with a privacy screen and a fingerprint reader which helps you login very easily and securely. It also comes with a digital pen and  it also packs a powerful Intel core and Xeon processors which helps you do every task you want easily. The best laptops in this range are Hp Pavilion × 360, HP Spectre ×360 and also HP Envy × 360 and each of them have about 7 to 10 products in their respective categories for you to choose from. Their range starts from about Rs 30,000 and above and it goes up to about Rs 80,000 and above.

HP has kept the consumer preferences and needs in mind and has offered a wide range of products of the best quality at different price ranges. So, if you are looking for a good laptop you have a variety of products to choose from according to your preferences and needs and are definitely recommended to all.

All types of HP laptops Business, Gaming or Everyday laptops are all available in our shop that is Placewell Retail in Siliguri as well as Gangtok.

HP Laptop Dealers in Siliguri: About us

Placewell Retail is your one stop destination in Siliguri for all the digital products that you need, be it laptop, mobiles, displays or anything. Placewell Retail had been established in the market in 1999, and ever since then we have been focused on consumer satisfaction and providing the best products to the consumers and we have always been appreciated for the work that we do and the efforts that we put in.

Placewell Retail also has another branch in Gangtok, Sikkim and we also have an online portal and we offer a free delivery service up to a certain radius in  Siliguri and Gangtok and also promise to deliver the products within two hours of purchase.

We are available in Siliguri at:-

  1. Placewell Retail, Sevoke Road, beside Hotel Vinayak, Siliguri.
  2. Placewell Retail, City Centre(ground floor), Siliguri.