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Infrared Thermometer Store in Siliguri - Placewell Retail

The year 2020, somewhat has turned out to be a difficult year for everyone. With the whole pandemic situation that the world is going through, COVID-19 is definitely a global health crisis and one of the most difficult phase that the world is facing today.

In this situation the company Robobull has come up with Infrared Thermometers which are basically non contact thermometers which will help you check the body temperature with minimal human contact.

Infrared Thermometer Store in Siliguri

It is a forehead thermometer which is designed with a superlative detector inside it,  which allows you to get exact temperate in just 0.5 seconds and being a non - contact thermometer it allows you to take measurements  without touching anybody, which is a very safe measure and maintaining minimum human contact is extremely  important during this time. The thermometer having a high quality detector gives you very fast and accurate reading. It comes with 2XAAA battery   which can be used for about 2000 times in theory, has a  powerful sensor tip and has a LED Display which shows you the readings and it also records 15 data points so that you can see your  temperature fluctuations and is suitable for everyone , be it be for public, household or personal use. To measure you just have to insert the batteries provided, hold the thermometer pressing the switch, the sensor tip facing the forehead of the person and it will give you the measurement in  just 0.5 seconds.

Infrared Thermometer store in siliguri Infrared Thermometer Store in Siliguri

The thermometer is priced at Rs 3000 and generally speaking this thermometer is an investment. This thermometer can be useful for people who have to go outside , people who run shops and also very important for the households not just for personal use but also you can check the temperature of people coming in your house. Honestly, it has become a requirement now and you never know when you might need it so you should definitely have this with you.

Infrared Thermometer Store in Siliguri, the product is  available on Placewell Retail.


Placewell Retail is your one stop destination in Siliguri for all digital products laptops, desktops, mobiles or Infrared Thermometer. Ever since it has been established which was in 1999, we have always been appreciated for the work we do and the efforts that we put in. More than anything, we focus on customer satisfaction and customer needs and this has and always will be our first priority. 

Placewell Retail does have another branch in Gangtok, and we also have an online portal and we deliver products up to a  certain radius in Siliguri and Gangtok and promise that the products will be delivered within 2 hours of purchase.

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