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10 Signs You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone - Placewell Retail

10 Signs You Can’t Live Without Your Smartphone. So Rush And Grab Your Smartphone Today From Placewell Retail Siliguri.

1.Your definition of a 'Good Morning' is when you wake up to your phone.

You spent 8 hours without it, so it is obvious that checking your phone the moment you wake up is the first thing to do.













2.You fear losing your phone more than your wallet because your wallet only has money and credit cards which can be replaced, but your phone has your life which is irreplaceable.














3.You feel lost, disconnected and very alone when you leave your house without your phone.

An entire day without your phone is impossible.It feels Like A panic Attack without mobile phone.










4.The only thing you trust, in this world  is your phone. and no one else.
















5.The definition of a good table is the one which is the closest to the plug point.

Just in case your beloved phone runs out of juice.

Placewell Retail














6.Your Phone is only the reason you never forget anyone's birthday.

Placewell Retail










7.You never feel lost, When you are in  new places, because you know your phone will give you directions to wherever you want to go.

Placewell Retail















8.You never find yourself in an 'awkward' situation When your Phone is with you.

Placewell Retail












9.You enjoy the comfort of safety when your smartphone is by your side.

Placewell Retail













10.You have replaced 'dear diary' with Evernote

You can write, draw, record, take pictures. Why would you need a diary.

Placewell Retail










We can do all this and much more without feeling conscious because Placewell Retail is a dreamland for geeks. And while the store is no less than techno-heaven for us, the Placewell Retail  website has a bunch of innovative features too. And you just can't beat the convenience

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