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Tomb Raider - PC

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  • Category  :   Games
  • Mode  :   Multi-Player
  • Title  :   Tomb Raider
  • Platform  :   PC

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Tomb Raider (Games, PC)

Tomb Raider is one of the best known action games with a huge following in the gaming community and many fans for its leading character, Lara Croft. This mega franchise includes a number of games, comic books, theme park rides and Hollywood movies that had Angelina Jolie in the lead playing Lara Croft. The new 2013 Tomb Raider is unlike any of the previous games as it goes back to the very beginning when Lara is an inexperienced college graduate and just out of University. This game does not carry over anything from the previous editions of the game and is a complete new reboot of the franchise. The 2013 Tomb Raider introduces us to a Lara Croft that is just beginning to experience the world as a grown up. She is confused about her future and sets out on a ship journey to find her true calling and purpose.

This game involves exploring, fighting, shooting and solving puzzles but unlike previous versions, Lara is not yet the gun totting action hero hardened by experience looking for lost treasure. Circumstances in the game force her to evolve from the naive girl to someone who is able to stand up to injustice and be determined in the face of stiff opposition. This action adventure game allows you to roam in an open world environment without any restrictions unlike previous versions where you have to follow the storyline. This version of the game is developed for the personal computer by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. The game is yet to be rated and is expected to feature violence and thrilling action that might be suitable for gamers over the age of 16.

Synopsis and Features

The 2013 Tomb Raider is a complete reboot of the franchise and starts out with a 21 year old Lara trying to find her place in the world. The events and storyline of the game is designed to change Lara from the naive and fragile girl to a strong willed and confident woman that gamers have grown to love and dream about. Lara embarks on a ship journey aboard her father's friends ship in order to find herself and her calling. But, misfortune strikes and the ship is wrecked leaving the passengers to fight and struggle for survival. Lara finds herself on a beach, injured and tired. She soon comes to realize that she is stuck on an island and finds other survivors who also managed to swim to the island.

Lara has to learn a variety of skills in order to survive and has to explore the island in order to find things that can be used or to create weapons to fight of the islands dangerous inhabitants. Find a base camp to operate in a particular area and begin hunting and exploring to gain experience points that can be used to advance Lara's skills. Slowly but surely you can see the beginning of the adventurous spirit taking root in her. Train her to become a confident fighting machine that is able to take-down anyone standing in the way of her prize. This single-player game is a narrative-driven action game that is designed to make you feel like a novice struggling to earn your place in the world.

The other character revealed is Captain Conrad Roth, who is the captain of the ill-fated ship that gets wreaked. He is her father's close personal friends and becomes Lara's guide in the game, helping her with some of the missions through the walkie talkie. This action adventure game features superior graphics, interesting plots, clever puzzles and a fantastic storyline.


Specifications of Tomb Raider (Games, PC)

Category Games
Note Most of the PC games require internet connection to activate and download online updates.
Mode Multi-Player
Title Tomb Raider
Platform PC

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Name Tomb Raider - PC
Technical specs No
Model Number PCL734009
Weight 0.2500
Brand Google
Product Category Games CD
Platform PC

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